Club 33 at Disneyland

The number 33 stands out among most numbers because of it's association with Freemasonry. The 3rd degree is technically the highest degree of Blue Lodge Freemasonry, the Master Mason degree, but in Red Lodge Freemasonry such as the Scottish Rite, the highest and honorary degree is the 33rd. The highest in York Rite is the 9th (three three's, or 3*3).

For a society obsessed with building metaphors, the number 33 represents a perfect third, or as close as one can get to 1/3rd of 100 (33% or 0.33...). Here is a clear connection to the trinity of deities, the sun god Horus or Jesus being a perfect third of the whole.

Disneyland has a private luxury dinning hall and club known as Club 33, the entrance of which is in New Orleans Square, at 33 Royal Street, near the end of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Walt Disney was supposedly a Master Mason of the 33rd degree, which is where the clubs name comes from.

Robin Heath, of archaoastronomy website Sky and Landscape, has discovered an interesting phenomena regarding the sunrise along a 33 year time span.

33yearsunrise RobinHeath

Sunrise re-alignment after 33 years

During three years of observation, the Sun appears to be slipping ever more away from the original alignment until, at the fourth year, two things happen simultaneously - the Sun rises once more very close to its original position above the marker stone, and the day count - the tally - for the year is found to be 366 and not 365 days. The observer tallies 365+365+365+366, which is 1461 sunrises (days) over the four years (Figure Two). Over a few years of observation the solar year is discovered to be 365.25 days in length, as accurate as our Roman (Gregorian) solar calendar.

But the eye can detect much more minuscule angular changes than a quarter of a degree. Using this kind of observatory, a couple of minutes of degree is detectable. And here’s where we pick up the solar-hero myth. After thirty-three years, 12,053 days or sunrises, one can observe an exact repeat of the original equinoctial rising behind the marker stone.[1]

Solar cycles are also marked along 11 year time spans, three of which is 33 years.

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