The number five can represent the pentagram and pentacle, the five sense, and five elements. The dimensions of the human body have also been compared to a pentagram. This shape contains a repeating fractcal of pentragrams, all containing the Golden Ratio. This ratio is found throughout the human body as well as in nature.

It is believed by the Aztecs that we are currently living in the 5th Age or Sun, the final Age of creation.

The fifth element (See Movie: Fifth Element), is described as Spirit or Quintessence, and is located on the upward pointing apex of the pentagram. It is generally seen as being negative when Spirit is pointing down.

The Quintessence is the fifth element with which the alchemists could work. It was the essential presence of something or someone, the living thing itself that animated or gave something its deepest characteristics. The Quintessence partakes of both the Above and the Below, the mental as well as the material. It can be thought of as the ethereal embodiment of the life force that we encounter in dreams and altered states of consciousness. It is the purest individual essence of something that we must unveil and understand in order to transform it.[1]
Pentagramic Scale

The origins of pentatonic blues scales can be found through superimposing the five pointed star on top of a circle of 12 equidistant sections. The five points of the star land on the five notes of which the pentatonic scale is composed.

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