The number 86, and it's mirror 68, have not been investigated very much, though they do have some interesting connections to other symbols. The age which represents one's Return of Saturn is not only 27 years old, but also later in life at 86 years old.

The Number 86 in Popular CultureEdit

In televisions Family Guy, Peter Griffin wears football jersey number 86. (Compare this to football jersey number 68 for Eric Cartman in South Park) A synchronicity occurs with UFC fight number 86 where one of the contestants was named Griffin. In the movie Pi, a Wall Street company is using a 216 digit number in their stock picking software which is not perfect, causing them to harass a mathematician into giving them the special 216 digit number he found with his computer. The news paper advert for Lacet Percey states: "86% Accuracy (Only God is perfect)"

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