Lightning bolts are often equated with gods in mythology. Greek temples would be built at high elevations with early forms of lightning rods to attract the "gods" who appear to be entering the temple, specifically Zeus/Jupiter, known for hurling lightning bolts down on his enemies.

In the Bible, the angel Satan/Lucifer is said to have fallen to earth like a bolt of lightning. This speaks of the myth of the war in heaven and the battle between the forces of Lucifer and those of Michael, the latter being the angel who struck down Lucifer, casting him down onto the matrix of the earth. The Fall of Lucifer is equated to the Fall of Adam/Man.

The Kabbalistic Tree of Life symbolizes the descent of Man's divine self into the material realm, and the path back to the source. The connections along the Tree of Life are equated with the 22 Tarot cards, the journey of the Fool. The path down the tree follows a zig-zag pattern which is often equated with a lightning bolt. The path in the reverse order is sometimes equated to a serpent crawling up the tree.

Lightning Bolts in Popular Culture Edit

Disney's BOLT animated movie features a dog named "Bolt" whose symbol is a lightning bolt. His trailer has a black pentagonal star with his name inside, which connects this dog to the "dog star" Canis Major in the Sirius constellation.

The movie Tropic Thunder featured a military patch sporting a lightning bolt for it's promotional posters.

The logo for the movie City of Ember has a lightning bolt horizontal line in a lowercase "e."

Superhero Captain Marvel yells "Shazam!" to turn from human to super-human. His costume is red with a yellow lightning bolt, matching the movie posters color scheme for Disney's BOLT.

The name Barak means lightning, which may connect to American President Barack Obama, though the spelling "Barack" means "blessing."

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