Western Musick relies on formal systems to express musical ideas. The addition of the letter "k" to music indicates a deeper interpretation of all things musical; such as in the difference between "magic" and "magick," where (stage-)magic is just illusions, and "magick" refers to a more occult understanding of the term. Notation plays a crucial role in the compartmentalization of rhythm and tone. It is upon the musical "staff" (Also known as the pentagramma in Spanish) that dynamic tones are turned to stone and portrayed as hardened notes. These notes rest on or between ledger lines and are assigned single-letter names.

Piano music is typically written on a "Master Staff." Treble (top) and Bass (below) clefs are combined to allow for a wider pitch-range to be expressed through simple notation. Between these two clefs is a space which is occupied by an eleventh ledger line. In Picture 1 you see the eleventh line displayed in red. However, this line is usually invisible. It is up to the composer to draw in this line when necessary. The pitch-value represented by this line is called "Middle C."


The letter C is the third letter in the English Alphabet. Synchromusic(k)ologists rotate the Master Staff by 90 degrees to generate new meaning. The middle C and 11th ledger line now acts as a middle pillar standing erect like the capital letter I (eye). This hidden ledger line now symbolizes a "3rd eye."
When rotated clockwise the letter C becomes an arch and possible stargate. In this context it is called a "Soundgate," and resonates with the "water door" stargate theme as the shape of a human ear looks like a C (sea), and sound flows in waves through the ear canal. Removing the letter C from "canal" leaves just "anal." Thus the letter C has special musical significance as it keeps sound flowing inward rather than outward, reverse of what the anal orifice does.

C Major is the only key which has no accidentals - that is to say that every note name (CDEFGABC) is in its natural form without sharps or flats to alter its constitution. ("Accidentals" with it's two c's connects to CC.)