Nicolas "Nick" Cage is one of many actors who finds themselves in movies which are heavy on symbolism which is feverishly investigated by symbol hunters and synchromystic bloggers. The name "Nick" is a nickname for the devil, "Old Nick." This can be seen each year in the personage of Old Saint Nick, or Santa Claus whose very name is an anagram of "Satan." One particular symbol is this actors fitting association with fire.[1]

Nick Cage in MoviesEdit

In the film Knowing, Nick's car's GPS uses a red pentagram identical to two that appear on trees framing a "Man in black" alien. The film's plot is based around a school's time capsule stored underground under an octagonal cover. The time capsul contains a paper written by student Lucinda Embry which prophecises the future based on disasters and death tolls leading up to the end of the world. The teacher of Nick's child who teaches at this school lives at the 6th apartment in her building. One of the only visible fireman in a 9/11 like smokey street rubble scene has an 18 on his helmet. In one scene, Nick's son walks to his bedroom's window and foresees a firey armageddon. There is also curious pyramid like architecture throughout the film, specifically in the house in which Nick Cage and his son live, with his son's room and window displayed as an all-seeing eye atop this pyramid.

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