Short circuit

The movie Short Circuit features a self-aware robot who names himself Johnny 5. (See: 5) Johnny 5 was developed for the military under the original name of SAINT number 5. SAINT is an acronym for "Strategic Artificially Intelligent Nuclear Transport." Johnny 5 becomes self-aware when he is indirectly struck by a bolt of lightning while recharging his battery. His eyes glow red at this moment, as they do when he uses his laser gun. Bringing to mind the Tin-man analogy, the comparison between humans and robots is made when Stephanie Speck says, "I'm a machine, you're a machine..." Stephanie's house and truck have rainbow stickers, and at one point her head comes close to a rainbow sticker in the background indicating her passage "over the rainbow." While Johnny 5 is driving her truck with rainbow sticker visible on the windsheild, Stephanie calls him a "hunk of tin." Rainbows and tin are connected through the number 42 as both the angle of light refraction in a rainbow, and the symbol for the metal tin (a symbol which combines the shape of a 2 and 4).

In the sequel for Short Circuit, Johnny 5 gets gold plating (Golden Boy).

Similarities and Connections Between Short Circuit and Other FilmsEdit

At the end of the Short Circuit sequel, Johnny 5 becomes a citizen, which is similar to the movie Bicentennial Man.

The sequel for Short Circuit stars actor Michael KcKean (MM) who plays the father of D.A.R.Y.L.

In both Short Circuit and Terminator 3, a sign partially reading "NO" can be seen near the head of the robot in question. The letters can be rotated to reveal "OZ" as in, The Land of Oz.

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