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Hugh Jackman from The Fountain, and The Prestige, plays computer hacker Stanley Jobson. Jobson (which can be read "Job's son") is confronted by ex-government agents Gabriel (John Travolta) and JT Roberts (Don Cheadle). In the first scene, Gabriel breaks the 4th Wall and speaks directly to the camera. Gabriel is named for an angel in Semetic theology, and angels are the messengers of god, thus Gabriel is breaking the veil between our reality and the "otherworld" that exists on the "silver screen." Jobson is provided an opportunity to save his daughter if he hacks into an account for ten billion dollars. Jobson faces a dilemma is to chose Gabriel's side, and risk hacking into the DEA slush fund to steal money for their cause of fighting international terrorism, or he can chose JT's side of no cybercrime, and to wait it out for a better way to earn money so he can afford the legal fees required to see his daughter. Each government agent represents a duality, and Jackman will have to satisfy both powers. JT Roberts shows "godly" compassion and grace while Gabriel proves to be without mercy and full of ego, true to his namesake in other movies which feature the archangel Gabriel, such as Prophecy. Jobson finds himself in Los Angeles on a bus (decorated like the motherboard of a computer) with his boss Gabriel. The bus has the number 2960 (which reduces to 17, then 8). The movie was realeased in 2001 and has some imagrey which can be suggestive of the elements of the 2001 attacks. The previously mentioned bus, a cuboid, is exploded over a building with a pyramid-capstone-shaped top as well as a sun (with 24 flames). The bus then smashes through an upside-down omega symbol, and then slamming into a tall skyscraper.

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